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How to create an Auth0 M2M application to use the Management API

This tutorial will cover how to create an Auth0 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) application to consume the Management API in server-side flows. Using this API is useful if you need to create flows that:

  • Create users programmatically.
  • Update users information.
  • Read users information.

After creating this application, you will be able to connect your Auth0 account to Arengu using the following settings:

  1. Client ID
  2. Client secret
  3. Tenant domain (eg.

1. Create the M2M application

Go to your Auth0 dashboard under Application > Applications and create a new application and select the "Machine to Machine Applications" option:

In the next step, select the Auth0 Management API:

Then, you will be prompted to choose the scopes for this application:

Mark the necessary scopes depending on the actions you expect to use:

  • Create user: create:users.
  • Update user: update:users and update:users_app_metadata.
  • Get user: read:users and read:user_idp_tokens.
If you modify the scopes later, you will need to reconnect your Arengu connection to generate a new token with the new permissions.

2. Getting your Auth0 connection ready

Once the application is created, go to the Settings tab:

If you have configured a custom domain, you will need to use your Auth0 tenant domain (eg.

Here you will find all the necessary information to configure your Auth0 connection in Arengu:

Arengu will already handle all the logic to generate the production access tokens and perform the actions you add to your flows.

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