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How to create an IAM user to use the Amazon Cognito REST API

In this tutorial, we will cover how to create an Amazon Cognito IAM user to use the REST API. After creating the user, you will be able to connect your Amazon Cognito account to Arengu using the following settings:

  • Region
  • Access key ID
  • Secret access key

1. Create an IAM user

Go to the IAM console and select Users:

Click on Add Users:

  • Add a desired "User name"
  • Check “Access key - Programmatic access”

Click on Next: Permissions.

If you don't have a group with policies to manage Amazon Cognito with full access, let's create one:

  • Add desired Group name
  • Check "AmazonCognitoPowerUser"
  • Click on Create Group

Continue to the next steps if you need to add a tag and create the user:

Here you will find your Access key ID and Secret access key.

2. Getting your Amazon Cognito connection ready

Add a new connection to Arengu with the previous information:

You can easily find your region in your AWS admin URL, eg. us-east-1
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