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How to set up a User Pool in Amazon Cognito to use the REST API

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In this tutorial, we will cover how to set up a user pool in Amazon Cognito to use the REST API.

Create an Amazon Cognite User Pool:

Go to your Cognito console, we will create a new User pool

Click on Create user pool:

Step 1 Configure sign-in experience

  • Provider types: Cognito user pool 
  • Check Email 

Step 2 Configure security requirements 

  • Password policy: Cognito defaults
  • Select No MFA

Step 3 Configure sign-up experience

  • Select all defaults

Step 4 Configure message delivery

  • Select Send email with Cognito

Step 5 Integrate your app 

  • Add a desired "User pool name"
  • Select App type Public client
  • Add a desired “App client name

Step 6 Review and create

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