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How to test and debug a scenario

Checking that everything works correctly before deploying your new form and flows into production is as useful as it is necessary. Learn how to test a form and debug the flows connected to it, in 5 steps and a couple of minutes.

1. Click the ‘Preview’ button

Once everything is configured, both the form and the flows, go to the form editor and click on the Preview button, in the upper right corner.

The form will open in a new tab, in which a preview of the form will be displayed.

2. Fill in and submit the form

Fill in the form preview with test data. Remember to use an email or phone number to which you have access, especially if you need to send OTPs or perform authentications.

3. Check the ‘Submissions’ tab

Once the form has been submitted, go back to the editor and click on the 'Submissions' tab to see if it was successful. Here you can see the complete list of form submissions.

Detailed information for each submission is also available, such as metadata and input data, by clicking the 'View details' button.

4. Open to flows connected to the form

Next, open each of the flows connected to the form. You will find them in the 'Flows' tab of the light gray side menu.

Each flow will be automatically open in a different browser tab.

5. Check the ‘Executions’ tab

Go to the first flow, click on the ‘Executions tab’, and check if the last execution has been completed, as you can see in the image below.

If so, the flow is working correctly. If the execution appears as failed, you will need to debug the flow to identify the error by clicking on the ‘View details’ button.

Look for the red flag on the flow action where the error occurred. Click on it to see the action inputs, outputs and the corresponding error message.

The error message will give you the key to solve the error. For example, in this case, it  indicates that the ‘recordId’ field of the action is not set correctly.

Once the error is fixed, save the changes and test the scenario again to check that everything is working properly.

Stuck with an error? Feel free to use our support chat. We will be happy to help you!

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