Why using Arengu?

Save resources and optimize your approval forms processes using Arengu

Cover the whole process

With Arengu, you can cover the whole approval workflow from the beginning till the end.

Start by creating your own approval form, personalize its fields, and customize the statuses, in no time and with no code.

Afterwards, you can easily implement the logic that will be triggered to each status. You can integrate Arengu with any API of your choice or choose one of the native actions!

Save development time

Arengu is a low-code SaaS that can help you save up to 80% of development time. Optimize your workflows by building your own forms and flows in a easy and personalized way.

Building your approval systems with Arengu means personalizing all the processes behind the submissions. You can link any action you can imagine to each status, resulting in a powerful, tailored and smooth approval form.

Create smarter waiting lists

Grant access to a beta version, hand exclusive information to your first subscribers and much more. Create any use case by personalizing your approval form and its logic.

With Arengu, you can tailor the whole form and they way users are authenticated as well. What about granting access with a magic link? Explore all possibilities without effort!

  • Product launch waiting list
  • Order tracking
  • Beta list access

Approval workflow demo

Want to know more? This is how approval forms work with Arengu!


Frequently asked questions about approval workflows applied to forms

An approval process is a way to organize any type of item, to afterwards approve or reject, depending on external conditions. When we talk about approval forms or approval processes on forms, we refer to organizing users that have submitted a form, and that will be approved or rejected according to external rules.

Approval forms are generally used to cover waiting lists or in selection processes, but these are just some examples. With Arengu, you can cover the whole process: create the form in a personalized way, set customized statuses for your users, and create actions for each one of them.

Plus, you can trigger practically any action you can imagine. Arengu doesn’t only create your approval forms — you can combine this process with any other action related to forms. For instance, you could add email verification, add a payment form, or add any other integration you may need.

Yes, with Arengu you can add a personalized criteria and add as many statuses as needed.

Depending on what your business needs, you may need to implement different statuses. With Arengu, you can add as many statuses as needed and name them accordingly. Arengu’s approval forms template includes 3 statuses by default: approved, pending and rejected. Yet, you can edit them and modify them to your taste. This allows you to personalize your process to the fullest.

Every business has different needs, so this is where you should establish the criteria for approving or rejecting users. Deciding who is responsible for editing sumissions and how the submissions are going to be considered is crucial before establishing an approval system. Once you have determined it, you can manually go through the submission’s database. Here you will find all the pertinent information about your submitters. Just click on each user to select their status, and the actions you created previously will be applied.

When you create an approval form with Arengu, you can save time and resources.

Designing an approval workflow may take some time, but you can considerably speed up the process if you use the right tool and follow some good practices. With Arengu, you can create the whole approval workflow from scratch, including the design of the form, either from scratch or with a template. The form is a first important step, since you can include here all the necessary fields for your approval system. For instance, you may want to include a field with a drop-down menu so people can submit information about themselves: age ranges, years of experience, occupation, and many more! You can create and customize all the form, fields, and steps to your needs without any code

Absolutely yes. You can personalize the server-side logic of any form you build with Arengu, as well as adding any API-based integration to it.

Building flows is what actually unlocks all of Arengu’s potential. Arengu’s Flows section allows you to create nearly any logic you can imagine. You can use all the native actions, call any API or build integrations to every step of the form. For your approval process, you can create several actions and link them to every status you have created. Let’s say you’re using the approval forms for a selection process. You could use actions to automatically filter submitters, apply email verification actions to avoid spam, or design different email responses after you set a status for each one of them. The options are practically illimited, and you can execute them without any code!

Any! Arengu offers you the possibility of choosing a native action, so you can build the logic of your forms and flows in no time and without code. Still, if you don’t find exactly what you need, there is always the possibility of building your own HTTP request and call any API you want, if you have some coding skills.

Some of the most popular actions when creating an approval form processes are sending emails to the users, sending notifications to your team, or get contextual data out of the users’ email addresses. To execute these, you can find native actions, so you can integrate your flows to the most popular email providers, payment systems, or CRMs.