Profile your users and optimize the way you sell

Learn what a smarter data enrichment form can do for you!


Optimize your database with Clearbit

Arengu offers native actions to integrate Clearbit in your forms. Use them to get info by scanning the users’ email.

Forget about adding more friction to your forms — get information without asking for it and erich your database the smart way.

Not using Clearbit? No problem! You can call your own API with an HTTP Request.


Build custom flows based on data

Arengu allows you to scale your onboarding flows by adding personalized server-side logic.

Build your own flows with low-code — create conditional logic based on the data you gathered or integrate your form with third-party tools.

You could, for instance, ask for more data if a corporate email is detected or send notifications based on the user’s job position!

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Optimize the way you sell

Data is crucial to any online business. You can use it in your advantage to profile users and use your resources more accurately.

Enriching your database translates into a more personalized experience for your users, highly profiled buyer personas, and an optimized sales funnel.

If data is the new bacon, then data enrichment forms are your new allies.

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Try a working demo

This is how a signup form works with data enrichment

1. Try entering different email accounts.

You can block non corporate emails to filter non interesting users.

If you use a company email, you can see which data we can gather!

2. Get extra users data

This is all the data gathered by Clearbit!

Remember your users can be automatically signed up and many actions can be triggered as internal notifications, CRM updates or adding additional steps to the form.


Frequently asked questions about data enrichment forms.

Data enrichment is any method that gathers users’ data in order to optimize a users database with more and better information about them. Data enrichment is used in online business mainly, in order to personalize the buying experience, profile buyer personas and optimize resources in general.

There are different ways to enrich data. One the simplest and most efficient one is by using data enrichment forms. If your site uses any kind of form including an email field, you can integrate a data enrichment tool (like Clearbit) to get useful info.

Tools like Clearbit scan the user’s email and return any kind of information linked to it. Arengu allows you to create data enrichment forms, by integrating data enrichment tools in your form with no effort and no code.

Yes! Arengu offers native integrations with Clearbit so you can save time in configuration. Still, if you use other data enrichment tools or if you simply want to call your own API, go ahed and add an HTTP Request to your forms. Keep in mind this is an advanced feature, and you will need some coding skills to configure it.

With Arengu, you can apply data enrichment in different ways.

- Clearbit native actions: Clearbit is the most renowned data enrichment tool in the market. With Arengu’s native actions, you can integrate it in no time and with no code, and start obtaining data without asking for it. With it, you can get useful info such as company revenue, numbers of employees, type of industry, number of followers, presence in social media, etc.

- Integration with third-party tools: If you use other data enrichment tools, you can add an HTTP request and call any API you want.

- Social login: This login and signup system gathers data shared by the user. You can get useful personal data to optimize your demographic profiling without annoying your users.

- Hidden fields: Use Arengu’s hidden fields to track and pass information without showing it to the user. You can see all this information in the Submission tab under the Forms editor.

Tons! Clearbit offers information about people or companies, depending on the email entered (private or corporate).

Personal data: Presence in social media, number of followers, bio information, role, experience, etc.

Corporate data: Location, legal name, anual revenue, number of employees, website, phone number, social media, industry, etc.

No, you don’t need to include any field or step to get to know this information. The scanning of the email is executed behind the scenes, to produce the minimum amount of friction and optimize conversion rates.

You could even build a form with just one field, as long as it is the email field.