Form analytics in Arengu

Analyze the form performance and improve your numbers.

Submission history

Check all the submission data and get useful details about the meta data and form data: submission date, URL, step, etc.

Submission journey

See the navigation process of each journey, like the path follow along steps, errors, fields filling, etc.

Submission URL

Since you can use the same form in several pages., you can also learn what was the URL where the submission happened.

Conversion step

Arengu allows building multi-step forms, that’s why you can find out which step triggered the user to submit.

UTM tracking

Find all your UTM paramteres and data in the submissions history, so can make the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Integration with tracking tools

Connect your forms with external tools or export data to your analytics tool. Get deeper information or execute A/B tests.

All you need to know

Get all the advantageous data you need in order to improve form conversions.


Integrate with your analytics tool

Do you need to track your form events with Google Analytics? No problem! You can use your regular web analytics tool in order to obtain every detail about each submission journey.

Visualize all your data in your preferred tool and get further information in detail to improve form performance like a pro.


A/B testing in forms

A/B testing is the best way to find the ideal version of your form. Executing different experiments will improve your form’s conversions and help you understand your users.

With Arengu you can easily integrate your forms with Google Optimize or any other A/B testing tool. Simply add the variants of your forms in a Google Optimize experiment and wait for profitable results!


Custom DOM events

Arengu’s SDK includes a series of custom DOM events, specifically created for analytics purposes.

These include all kind of relevant events for measuring form information, such as form submission, invalid fields, changes in fields, going to previous steps, embedding the form, and much more.

See the documentation >>

Try a working demo

This is a signup demo to test some events you can track using Arengu.

1. Inspect the form events

Check the form events opening your browser dev tools. To see what happens when an error occurs, use or an invalid email.

1. Detect different errors
Validation error

Different kinds of errors can be tracked: from validation errors to errors coming from third-party tools.

2. See the submission journey

Track the journey the user goes through, including the path they follow along different steps.

3. Track the submission info

The form submission is tracked, as well as other metadata: submission step, submission URL, user agent, and more.

Embed it everywhere

Perfect fit with every frontend framework, thanks to our JS SDK, just with a simple line of code. Including popular CMS platforms, and landing page builders.

            <script async src=""></script>
<div data-arengu-form-id="YOUR_FORM_ID"></div>

          import React from "react"
import { ArenguForm } from "react-arengu-forms"

export default const IndexPage = () => (
    <ArenguForm id="YOUR_FORM_ID" />

            import React from "react"
import { ArenguForm } from "gatsby-plugin-arengu-forms"

export default const IndexPage = () => (
    <ArenguForm id="YOUR_FORM_ID" />

          // Using a shortcode tag
[arengu-form id="YOUR_FORM_ID"]


Frequently asked questions about form analytics and conversion rate optimization

Arengu offers a submission tab where you can check every detail about the submission journey. There you can check useful data, such as: the submission step, the submission URL, browser information, user agents, UTMs values, hidden fields values, and more.

If you’re looking to know further details, you can integrate your Arengu forms with your preferred analytics tool.

Yes! Arengu allows integration with most A/B testing tools, including Google Optimize. You just have to configure your objetives in Google Optimize (or the tool you usually use), add your Arengu forms, and wait for results.

All of them! Depending of the form you’re using or your business needs, your goals may be different. That’s why you can measure every event you need and analyze all the aspect you consider important for your business growth. If you’re looking for tips regarding this matter, you can keep an eye on our blog to see some ideas.

There are tons of tools you can use to obtain useful information and improve your form’s performance. The great news is your can integrate Arengu with most of them!

You can integrate Arengu with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Hubspot, or Hotjar; and with CRO tools such as Google Optimize, AB Tasty, Optimizely, and many more! No matter what your favorite analytics tool is, you can connect it to Arengu for sure!

What our customers say

Arengu allows us to track the steps of the forms by user, being able to measure what is working and what needs to be improved in our sign-up forms.

Brais Comesaña
Corporate Lab

Arengu allows us to collect all form errors in a simple and reliable way. We can detect issues in the flow and quickly find the pain points to modify them, improving our conversion rate.

Natalia Fernández