Why should you use Arengu?

Publish, scale and update your form-based landing pages in minutes!

Quick loading & SEO friendly

Static landing pages benefit marketing campaigns because they are easier for search engines to find and index.

Arengu allows you to easily and quickly lauch campaigns to presell customers before visiting the product site, and improve your product’s presence publishing a special static page for each one, with its own rank position.

Different content but same goal for all of them: to get people to take action (buy the product, subscribe, sign on...), that’s conversion!

Boost your segmentation

Search engines also evaluate content relevancy to rank pages and Arengu’s system allows you to easily deploy a high volume of optimized landing pages.

With our editor, you can automate the generation of multiple landing pages with dynamic text replacement, just matching a template and a CSV with specific keywords and content.

It is really easy to maintain and scale, and it will allow you to create really focussed pages to get qualified users.

Less coding, no deployment

Stop replicating code and its content with Arengu!

Our SaaS contributions are based on the usual needs of marketing teams and the repetitive development tasks that their technical coworkers have to accomplish.

That’s why it has been built to automate this kind of issues and deploy with a click, but also to generate an inline edition view to let anyone edit them without coding!

Learn how automated landing pages works!

You can check this video to learn more about Arengu’s automated landings.

Developer friendly

Save development time, embed anywhere with a line of code.

Stack agnostic

Embed it, with a simple line of code, in most popular CMS platforms, landing page builders and development frameworks.

Integrations with any API

Quick integration with almost every API and common ID providers (Auth0, Okta...), adding flexibility to forms and logics.

Save time and resources

We help teams with repetitive and complex actions, building - easy to edit, maintain and scale - templates.


Frequently asked questions about automated and scalable landing pages.

Off course! That’s the point!

We don’t provide default templates or a drag and drop editor for this. If you ask for, we can send you some HTML examples, but the core idea is to give you freedom to completely customize your landing pages, with no restrictions or additional code.

Just follow basic and common recommendations to make them work properly with the minimun lines of code.

Anyone! In fact, you can - and should! - define as many variables as you need in the template.

Add as many variables as you need, with format. Arengu will scan and convert them in fields, when the template is uploaded. You will be able to change that info in the editor from that moment. That easy!

You can also reuse the same variable in different parts of the template! Remember to choose a quantity of variables easy to maintain, especially if you are going to generate pages manually.

You should list the template variables in columns and then fill them with the data for each landing page.

It must include too a column for titles, descriptions and link, and we recommend to add columns also for slugs and two dates: creation and last updated. They will be very useful if you have a big volume of landing pages but you just need to regenerate some of them ;)

You can store your CSV sources in Google SpreadSheets, your own server or wherever you want. We still don’t offer this service.

If you want to reuse content, you should notice this! Arengu allows you to reuse templates whenever and wherever you want, with same or different content source, but you must duplicate and edit CSV sources to use them more than once.

For example, if you want to test same content with different designs or on-page distribution, you can use same content and data structure, but you will need to replicate the CSV and change the slugs for the new one, or create a CSV with two slug columns, to avoid overwriting the original URLs!

No, you don’t! All the templates and its content are regenerated and updated with a click.

To upload a new version of a template, go to its edition view and upload a new HTML&CSS file. You can edit variables, but be careful with this and deletion if they are still being used in the template! Labels can also be edited in that page. When the new template is saved, go to Pages tab and click on the Deploy page button to actualize them!

To publish new content, edit it on the CSV, click on Re process source and it will be published automatically!

Yes, of course! You just need to change your DNS and point out that modification to our editor. And it is the same process to include your SSL/TS certificates!

All landing pages generated by Arengu are hosted in our servers, so you don’t have to keep your eyes on maintenance, security, overloading... You just need to point your DNS to our server!

About tracking and metrics, you can add Google Analytics code in your template like in any other website. Arengu also keep stats but we still don’t offer these metrics as a service. We’re working on it!