Subscription payments

One-off and recurring payments with Stripe

Collect one-off and recurrent payments for subscription businesses. No manual logic implementation, simply automated.


Try a payment form demo

This working demo enrolls the user into a subscription plan.

💳 Payment details

This payment form is connected with Stripe and offers the user a subscription plan.

Try it using 4242 4242 4242 4242 as credit card number, a future expiration date and any security code.

You can customize it's logic, add new fields, steps or integrate it in your own flow.

What our clients say

"With Arengu, we are able to easily experiment and test our sign up flow, by separating it from our core platform. At the same time, the flow has become more robust when it comes to eliminate errors."
Peter Hanekamp
CEO, Taiga
"Arengu is a key part of our acquisition strategy to build personalized sign-up pages at scale. They are a flexible and easy-to-use solution to achieve our business goals."
Tahís Gómez
Acquisition Marketing, Privalia
"Thanks to Arengu we've been able to improve our customer registration experience, increasing the conversion rates by 30%. All in a quick and easy way."
Rafa Rovira
Digital Marketing Manager, Khama
"Arengu is a quick, trustworthy and flexible solution that allowed us to launch faster in new international markets and keep our focus in our core platform."
Borja Maceira
CTO, Opositatest

Why use payment forms with Arengu?

One-off payments

Early tickets for your event, limited edition t-shirts or any type of special offer! Easily manage secure one-off payments directly in your forms without redirecting to a payment gateway. Beautiful UI that helps you create optimized payment experiences for your users in all devices.

Recurring payments

If you are a SaaS company, a newspaper, a magazine publisher or any other subscription-based business, you can easily offer subscription products and services for your users without coding. Once you define your subscription plan details (amount, billing cycle, currency, addons, etc) and what user information you want to save, your recurrent payments will be charged automatically without coding.

Security & PCI Compliance

We offer our payment forms through trusted payment providers like Stripe who comply with high security and PCI standards. These payment providers replace credit card details by a non-reversible and securized token that we use to process the payment without exposing sensitive details that could breach security and privacy.

Powerful alone. Better together.

All-in-one solution to build, automate and scale your signup flows.


Drag & drop form builder

Easily create your custom form with our drag & drop builder. Add multiple steps, require payment details, add custom server-side logic... without writing a single line of code.

  • Forms with Flows

  • Approval workflows

  • Multi-step forms fields

  • Payment fields

Learn about Forms


Visual flow editor

Easily build server-side logic that can be used in your forms or as a standalone product. Create custom validations, integrate with other APIs or automate tasks without coding.

  • Validation flows

  • Eliminate maintenance costs.

  • Easy to integrate with your stack.

Learn about Flows


Hosted static pages

Maximize your conversion rates building dedicated static pages at scale with message-matched content and get the best results for your ad campaigns.

  • Simple HTML templates

  • Automated pages from a .CSV file

  • HTTPS & CDN-hosted assets

  • Mustache template tags

Learn about Pages

Other popular use cases

Use ready-made templates to build complex use cases in minutes. Or build yours from scratch for a completely custom experience.

Developer friendly

Save development time, embed anywhere with a line of code.

Stack agnostic

Embed it, with a simple line of code, in most popular CMS platforms, landing page builders and development frameworks.

Integrations with any API

Quick integration with almost every API and common ID providers (Auth0, Okta...), adding flexibility to forms and logics.

Save time and resources

We help teams with repetitive and complex actions, building - easy to edit, maintain and scale - templates.

Frequently asked questions

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Will Arengu support other payment providers?
What payment data is stored in Arengu?