Key payment forms features

One-off payments

Early tickets for your event, limited edition t-shirts or any type of special offer! Easily manage secure one-off payments directly in your forms without redirecting to a payment gateway.

Beautiful UI that helps you create optimized payment experiences for your users in all devices.

Recurring payments

If you are a SaaS company, a newspaper, a magazine publisher or any other subscription-based business, you can easily offer subscription products and services for your users without coding.

Once you define your subscription plan details (amount, billing cycle, currency, addons, etc) and what user information you want to save, your recurrent payments will be charged automatically without coding.

Security & PCI Compliance

We offer our payment forms through trusted payment providers like Stripe who comply with high security and PCI standards. These payment providers replace credit card details by a non-reversible and securized token that we use to process the payment without exposing sensitive details that could breach security and privacy.

Try a working demo

This is how a payment subscription form works with Stripe

1. Build advanced payments

Use 4242 4242 4242 4242 as credit card number, a future expiration date and any security code to test this form.

You can add more fields, advanced validations and even integrate this form with your own signup.

2. Collect payments and integrate with other tools

Add API-based integrations on top of the onboarding logic: update your Hubspot CRM or send Slack notifications, among others.

Developer friendly

Save development time, embed anywhere with a line of code.

Stack agnostic

Embed it, with a simple line of code, in most popular CMS platforms, landing page builders and development frameworks.

Integrations with any API

Quick integration with almost every API and common ID providers (Auth0, Okta...), adding flexibility to forms and logics.

Save time and resources

We help teams with repetitive and complex actions, building - easy to edit, maintain and scale - templates.


Frequently asked questions about subscription payments with Stripe.

Because we love it!

Now, seriously, it is one of the most important companies working on payments and invoices generation over the internet, and it is certified as PCI Level 1 Service Provider.

Stripe offers both control panel and API to manage or automate your operations, and it generates an invoice associated to a customer for every collected payment, so you can keep a full record of all the operations that have been done.

Of course!

Currently, we only support Stripe as payment provider, but we have plans to support additional payment providers. Do not hesitate to give us feedback or contact if you need a specific one.

Keep your eyes on social media to be informed about our updates!

We do not store any credit card data or financial information of your customers.

We use our payment providers SDK to replace credit card information details by a non reversible and securized token that is send to Arengu to process the payment.

By default, Arengu stores the rest of your form data and you will have a new column with your transaction information like the amount, currency, transaction ID and payment status.