Embed Cognito widget in your signup flows

Start using Cognito in your forms to optimize and simplify their ID verification experience.


Customize your user verification process, KYC and AML compliance system with Cognito's identity management widget.

Optimize the signup experience of your website, and simplify its consumer and business identity verification flows with their drop-in system.

About Cognito

Cognito is an identity management solution that helps companies with KYC and AML compliance, with a customizable drop-in ID verification and compliance system based on hundreds of data sources.

It is focused on simplifying identity verification processes with technology integrations and partnerships, and analyzes thousands of document types around the world, along with liveness and selfie verification.

Cognito’s ID verification services and APIs allow businesses to optimize their customer signup experiences with a developer-first infrastructure. They provide an easy and comprehensive online identity verification of global customers that can be implemented without any code.

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