Embed Onfido widget in your signup flows

Verify your users’ identity and documents with Onfido, and reduce friction in your forms.


Verify users’ identity using photo-based docs and facial biometrics, and check if the passport or ID card is genuine or fraudulent.

Easily build frictionless KYC and KYB flows by adding conditional logic and triggering different actions based on users' qualification.

About Onfido

Onfido's Real Identity platform proves your users’ real identities using a government-issued ID and facial biometrics. Plus you can choose to establish proof of ID ownership through selfie or video verification.

Their AI-based technology allows you to start the customer lifecycle securely and eliminate long sign-up forms with a lot of friction. Companies like Revolut, Zipcar and Bitstamp trust Onfido with security during remote and secure customer onboarding.

Using a smartphone with a built-in camera, Onfido is able to compare a person's facial biometrics with the provided ID document, such as driver's license, against multiple data sources and global databases.

It uses manual and automated machine learning technologies, conducts right to work, PEP and sanctions checks.

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