Embed Passbase widget in your signup flows

Start using Passbase in your forms to verify users’ ID documents.


Identify and verify users with government ID documents and facial recognition by embedding the Passbase widget in your forms.

Build user verification forms in no time and trigger different actions based on users' risk scoring, by including conditional logic actions.

About Passbase

Passbase is an identity verification engine that allows you to verify and manage users' identity information with a suite of tools and dashboards. 

It offers a set of SDKs to developers to integrate into their service facial recognition, liveness detection, ID authenticity checks and ID information extraction, while also baking in privacy protections that allow individual users to control their own identity data.

Passabase authenticates 6,000+ government-issued ID documents from over 190 countries in a matter of seconds; matches IDs to faces with top-ranked NIST technology; verifies identity via ID documents, selfies, and government databases; and prevents sophisticated spoofing attempts, making sure they are physically present during verification.

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