Embed Veriff widget in your signup flows

Automatically identify and verify users, and easily build custom KYC processes with Veriff.


Verify your users’ identity in a matter of seconds by analyzing multiple technological and behavioral indicators, including facial recognition.

Easily create custom signup flows with Veriff’s identity verification and KYC platform, and onboard verified users from any part of the world in seconds.

About Veriff

Veriff is a highly automated identity verification software that helps companies build trust and transparency online. It automatically verifies your users’ identity using an AI infrastructure that analyzes a multitude of indicators, including facial recognition, in a matter of seconds.

The service is provided to companies as an API, offering protection from identity fraud and theft with leading AI-driven technology, allowing businesses to comply with regulations without adding friction.

Veriff’s KYC platform presents a 98% check automation rate, 6 second average decision time, over 9,500 identity documents covered, and 95% of users are verified on the first try. It makes every step of the way easier for honest people, without compromising KYC compliance or fraud prevention.

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